Business Organizations      

At Isaac & Salgado Grondin, we know that it is of utmost importance for start-up companies and other businesses to properly structure their operations and protect their assets from potential liabilities.  Our attorneys represent sole proprietors and small and mid-sized businesses with such matters as business formation, corporate governance, lease agreements, mergers and acquisitions, transfers of stock, and preparation, review and negotiation of various business contracts, all with a focus and emphasis on the client’s particular goals and needs.   

Contracts and Commercial Transactions     

At Isaac & Salgado Grondin, we know the importance of carefully drafting and negotiating contracts for clients.  We draft, review, and negotiate various types of contracts, including contracts for the sale of businesses, employment contracts, non-compete, confidentiality and non-circumvention agreements, partnership agreements, independent contractor and consulting agreements, service contracts, supply agreements, joint venture agreements, distribution agreements, settlement agreements, limited liability company/operating agreements, shareholder agreements, agency agreements, loan agreements, and other commercial agreements involving domestic and international transactions. 

Corporate Transactions

Our attorneys have represented buyers and sellers of small businesses as well as multi-national corporations in complex transactions in the United States and abroad.  All of our attorneys are fluent in Spanish and regularly negotiate and draft documents in the Spanish language.  Our attorneys have experience in counseling corporate clients who operate through foreign entities such as companies from the Caribbean, Central America, South America and Europe.

Financing Transactions

Our attorneys represent financial institutions and other companies in connection with the negotiation and documentation of complex secured and unsecured commercial credit transactions. Our attorneys are experienced in various areas of lending transactions, representing both financial institutions and borrowers in various multi-million dollar loans secured by various types of collateral.

Estate Planning           

At Isaac & Salgado Grondin, we understand the importance of an individual’s need to protect his/her assets.  Our estate planning practice provides personalized estate planning and wealth preservation services to individuals, their families and their closely-held businesses, by preparing the necessary wills and trusts.  We also assist clients in connection with probate and guardianship administration matters.   



At Isaac & Salgado Grondin, we handle complex civil and commercial litigation matters from the initiation of the case through trial. Each case is centered on the client's objectives and its overall business strategy.


We have successfully prosecuted and defended various complex civil and commercial cases at the State and Federal levels, including breach of contract cases, business torts ranging from intentional interference with contractual relationships to defamation, conversion, civil theft, probate, family matters (divorces/custody) and negligence cases.  

Our litigation expertise in coordinating, managing, and supervising all aspects of litigation, arbitration, and mediation allows us to meet our clients’ needs by providing efficient and cost effective results.




At Isaac & Salgado Grondin, we represent clients in all aspects of immigration and nationality law issues.  Our attorneys represent clients before the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and the Departments of State (DOS) and Labor (DOL).  Our attorneys represent individual and corporate clients in deportation, family based green card/residency (immediate relative petitions and family based preference categories), employment based green card/residency (labor certificate/PERM and self-petition through extraordinary ability), and non-immigrant visas (B1/2 Visas, E1/2 Visas, F1/2 Visas, H Visas, I Visas, J-1 Visas, and O Visas), and citizenship.



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